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Enterprise Ethereum Adoption: virtual event

The State of Enterprise Ethereum Adoption: the Virtual Event from the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance

In the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic the EEA events are not happening physically in New York City, that is why today it took place the First Ever Virtual Event. It was a half-day event to explore blockchain applications, technical insights, reference architectures, and practical business use cases. Our teams connected remotely from New York, Buenos Aires and Montevideo. The content of...

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EdoxOnline Blockchain Electronic Bill of Lading eBL

Global Share’s EdoxOnline leverages its blockchain based Bill of Lading for grain exports from Argentina to China

In the midst of the complications that the coronavirus presents for the trade of products linked to agriculture, Argentine developments facilitates the electronic transmission of documents through the digitization of processes represent a great advantage, and are already being used by firms like Cargill, Bunge and Dreyfus. In COVID-19 times, this application aims to avoid obstacles to the agricultural trade.   Global...

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