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Enterprise Ethereum Adoption: virtual event

The State of Enterprise Ethereum Adoption: the Virtual Event from the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance

In the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic the EEA events are not happening physically in New York City, that is why today it took place the First Ever Virtual Event. It was a half-day event to explore blockchain applications, technical insights, reference architectures, and practical business use cases. Our teams connected remotely from New York, Buenos Aires and Montevideo. The content of...

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EdoxOnline Blockchain Electronic Bill of Lading eBL

Global Share’s EdoxOnline leverages its blockchain based Bill of Lading for grain exports from Argentina to China

In the midst of the complications that the coronavirus presents for the trade of products linked to agriculture, Argentine developments facilitates the electronic transmission of documents through the digitization of processes represent a great advantage, and are already being used by firms like Cargill, Bunge and Dreyfus. In COVID-19 times, this application aims to avoid obstacles to the agricultural trade.   Global...

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Cloud business cases involving blockchain technologies

Cloud business cases involving blockchain technologies

Working in blockchain projects not only means working in the blockchain technology itself. Any initiative involving blockchain technology needs to take care of the mobile, front end and back-office systems, as well as the cloud environments. ZirconTech also helps companies in all these aspects by providing an integrated and seamless service. As a custom software development company ZirconTech builds custom...

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Cloud adoption strategy for digital transformation

Cloud Services: adoption strategy and application transformation

Working with Cloud platforms for many years, we have developed the expertise and framework to deliver consultancy services for cloud adoption strategy, application transformation, and support. We have experience with Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud and OpenStack (including, IaaS, Containers, Serverless technologies among others).     Scalable platforms have become increasingly important in today’s digitally connected world.  To enable...

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Block Talk Summit 2020

How does blockchain’s future look like in China and US?

Block Talk Summit 2020 – Fordham University, New York. New York, January 20th, 2020 Although nearly two decades were required to develop "digital ledger technology" (aka blockchain technology), it has only taken five years to lay the foundation of a promising future relating to such technology – a foundation that is reshaping the entire way the service industry is being thought of. ...

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ecosistema blockchain en Latinoamérica

ZirconTech posicionado en el primer mapa sobre el ecosistema blockchain en Latinoamérica

ZirconTech posicionado como empresa de consultoría, software y servicios empresariales en el primer mapa sobre el ecosistema blockchain en Latinoamérica. A fines de octubre de 2019 se presentó el primer mapa sobre el ecosistema blockchain de Latinoamérica el cual ha permitido tener un diagnóstico sobre el escenario de utilización de la tecnología a nivel regional. Este trabajo fue realizado por la...

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ZirconTech Carves a Niche with Solutions of Resolute Character That Get Noticed at GoodFirms

ZirconTech Carves a Niche with Solutions of Resolute Character That Get Noticed at GoodFirms

Washington D.C., December 26th 2019.   ZirconTech is a force to reckon in the world of digital development and secured solutions and has uprightly made a place for themselves among the top mobile app development companies. To gain more insights on their services at the offer and their capabilities, take a good look at the ZirconTech’s GoodFirms profile. Headnote About Zircontech   Founded in 2016, ZirconTech...

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ZirconTech Continues Expansion in North America While Taking a Leading Role in Blockchain Initiatives in Latin America

ZirconTech continues expansion in North America while taking a leading role in Blockchain Initiatives in Latin America

ZirconTech expands its presence in Latin America with new projects in Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Uruguay and strengthens activities in North America, with emphasis on the Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco tech communities.     Here is a more in-depth overview of the work our team has spearheaded across the globe:    Chile   ZirconTech started Q1 2019 with increased traction in Latin America after...

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Blockchain services solutions

Desarrollando la tecnología blockchain en Chile

ZirconTech comenzó el primer trimestre de 2019 con una mayor tracción en América Latina después de participar en el Labitconf de diciembre de 2018 en Santiago de Chile. El equipo se unió a su cliente, Koibanx, y su socio sin fines de lucro, BitGive, encabezado por Connie Gallippi. (Https:// Durante la conferencia, BitGive lanzó su plataforma de donación para organizaciones...

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