Blockchain Software Development Company

We build solutions on private and public blockchains. 
At ZIRCONTech, we put knowledge to work. We are a pioneer blockchain development company in pursuit of transforming industries around the world. Let us help you explore the many aspects of Blockchain to build made-to-measure solutions designed to deliver value.

Our Blockchain Development Services

Our main goal is to serve our clients in their quest for innovative blockchain solutions that are market-ready and address real business issues. As a blockchain software company, we achieve this goal with top-notch architecture, digital design, and development.

Use our Blockchain development services for creating decentralized blockchain networks for your business. These networks will allow your company to establish new business models and expand data and transactions’ traceability.

Custom cryptocurrencies, individual nodes, architectures, and consensus algorithms help business growth while establishing improved business models. ZIRCONTech is the right choice to revamp your existing systems or to hit the market with a newly developed Blockchain solution.

About Our Blockchain Software Development Service

Over the last few years, we have built more than a hundred blockchain applications as a blockchain development company. Our expert team of blockchain developers takes care of the whole development stack, from deploying nodes and writing smart contracts to front-end development and graphic design.

We can deliver you custom blockchain software solutions created by our highly experienced blockchain technology team. We can help you with the following services:

  • Blockchain Technology Consulting:As our first step to blockchain technology consulting, we work on three fundamental questions: “The What, Why, and How” blockchain can bring your business trust and transparency.
  • Blockchain Supply Chain Development: At ZIRCONTech, we are among the best blockchain software companies and we can provide chain solutions that grant complete transparency at every step of the product´s campaign for every industry type. 
  • Smart Contracts Development​: Our team of blockchain developers can create and deploy smart contracts for both private and public blockchain networks.
  • Blockchain Wallet Development: We can develop blockchain wallet applications that can handle a broad array of digital assets and currencies, offering the ability to track history and check balance.
  • Decentralized Exchange: Our team of blockchain developers can build a hack-proof platform for iOS, Android, or Web applications to secure and efficient real-time exchange of digital currencies.
  • dApps Development​: We can design and develop enterprise-grade decentralized applications (dApps) to help our clients accelerate time to market and maximize ROI.​


What Blockchain Software Development Can Do for Your Business

Whether we talk about tangible assets such as cars, properties or intangible assets such as intellectual property, copyrights, patents, or branding, anything that has value can be exchanged and traced on a decentralized network with reduced costs and minimized risk.
As a recognized blockchain services provider, we’ll help you build your next application. We turn your business’ visions and ideas into viable use cases.
As part of our initial blockchain consulting services, we suggest the optimal technology stack, team composition, and product design before digging into development.
To then move to the development stage, design, engineer, operate and optimize your next Blockchain Software. We perform the following activities:

Blockchain Software Development Company

Blockchain Development Platforms We Work With

Blockchain is a revolutionary concept that has arrived as a way to disrupt the financial industry. Blockchain has provided the best answer in the quest for a more secure and private way to manage finances over the web.

We have different options to suit all kinds of needs and preferences when you’re looking to get in on the blockchain action:


We develop enterprise blockchain apps using Hyperledger Frameworks aimed at advancing cross-industry blockchain technologies. Our developers can help your business set up a Hyperledger infrastructure with node orchestration and build smart contracts.

We have excellent work experience in building Blockchain Supply Chain, Identity Management, and Transportation Solutions using Hyperledger projects. We always deliver scalable and robust products.


Our team of Hyperledger blockchain developers builds dApps for multiple industries using Hyperledger Frameworks. Clients get different versions of apps before deploying to the leading network with the agile software development methodology.

Our Ethereum developers work closely with enterprises to develop smart contracts and dApps. Our Ethereum application development team utilizes Agile methodology to design and develop dApps.

We have deployed over a hundred contracts in different areas such as Fintech, AdTech, and EdTech industries. We understand the updates and changes happening on Ethereum Blockchain in advance, and we are part of the core Ethereum development community

Stellar is an open platform for building financial products that connect people everywhere. As a part of Stellar Consulting Services, we can help your business to identify how to leverage Stellar’s potential to boost efficiency and make transactions securely.

We build Stellar smart contracts, and we can develop secure Stellar applications that can be integrated with all financial tools using Stellar’s API server, Horizon, and different SDKs.

Corda is an open-source blockchain project that allows us to design and develop in an open development environment. We can help businesses build interoperable blockchain networks or applications that transact directly.

Our Corda Blockchain Development Team can help you with strategic consulting on the implementation of Corda for your business. Our Developers can build secure distributed applications that run on the Corda blockchain platform.

EOS is a decentralized blockchain, which can process fast and free transactions. Our EOS Blockchain Development Team has excellent experience in dApp development, and we can build and deploy applications that can scale to millions of transactions in a second.

Our EOS Blockchain Developers can quickly identify off-chain and on-chain entities, data storage requirements, hosting infrastructure requirements, microservices, interfaces, and third-party integrations for any business use-case.

This is a decentralized platform to develop high-performance blockchain apps. Our TRON dApp developers have excellent experience building dApps for various industries, including logistics, fintech, and many more. We can identify the technical components involved in a dApp.

Leveraging the blockchain TRON development experience, we can help you launch the TRC-10 TOKEN for ICO and blockchain products. We can also introduce features like Burnable, Transferable, Mintable, and Upgradable in the smart contracts of TRC-10 Token.


We develop decentralized apps on the Hedera Hashgraph platform with high throughput, low-latency consensus, and fair ordering. We have built Healthcare platforms and Microfinance Peer-to-Peer lending on this platform.

We build decentralized apps on the Hedera Hashgraph platform that delivers high throughput and decentralized trust using Hedera’s network services such as cryptocurrency, file service, and smart contracts. We can also integrate your existing app or permission blockchain network with a Hedera network.


Tezos is an Open-Source Platform for decentralized Assets and applications. Our team of blockchain experts develops and deploy Tezos dApps having a great experience from building blockchain apps on multiple blockchain platforms.

Our Tezos Development team can develop microservices, set up Tezos nodes, create Tezos wallets, identify on-chain and off-chain entities, and integrate Tezos APIs into your existing solution.

Blockchain Software Solutions we deliver

At ZIRCONTech, we provide Blockchain Software Solutions. Our software developers are highly skilled in building blockchain technologies from scratch. Our team can also customize existing blockchain solutions through software integrations, feature implementations, and functionality modifications.
We can help you revamp your existing systems or hit the market with a newly developed Blockchain solution. Below you can see the different Blockchain Software Solutions we deliver:

Smart Contracts

We offer smart contracts and blockchain development services. Whether you need your decentralized network-managed system, we are the right choice to help your business.

Our development team uses different leading blockchain platforms to design and implement advanced smart contracts for your blockchain projects.We can develop and deploy smart contracts for public and private blockchain networks.

We have built smart contracts for various dApps, crowdfunding, and blockchain supply chain solutions. In the same way that platforms such as Monax, we turn your digital contracts into a digital agreement database to track your commitments in real-time and make your contracts do the work.

You don’t need to chase counterparties to enforce your contracts because the platform tracks each agreement’s complete lifecycle, including follow-through post-signing.


Blockchain Software Cases

As a Blockchain pioneers company, we are constantly helping enterprises around the world. We assist these businesses in exploring the many aspects of Blockchain.

Below you can reach some of the cases where our Blockchain experts’ team built made-to-measure solutions designed to deliver value.

Benefits of Blockchain Development Solutions

As one of the best blockchain software companies of the industry, below we remark the main reasons why enterprises should adopt Blockchain solutions:

Security is printed in the DNA of Blockchain technology. The method by which transaction records are validated and added to a blockchain is more secure than similar systems. For a transaction to be approved, participants must agree on it through consensus. Next, the transaction is encrypted and linked to the previous transaction.

Data is always complete, accurate, and consistent across participants on a blockchain network. This makes it possible for network members to build stable business relationships based on transparency rather than negotiation.

We have deployed over a hundred contracts in different areas such as Fintech, AdTech, and EdTech industries. We understand the updates and changes happening on Ethereum Blockchain in advance, and we are part of the core Ethereum development community

The transaction record provides an audit trail that shows the asset’s provenance when goods are exchanged on a blockchain. Information relating to the elements can then be relayed to or from the new owner for possible action. The historical transaction data can also help to verify the authenticity of assets.

Along with better organization, blockchain provides increased effectiveness driving the correct type of work at the right time, which is greater than simple efficiency. Doing suboptimal processes more efficiently is not the best method.

Record-keeping with blockchain is performed using a single digital ledger that is shared between members. This reduces the clutter and complications of using multiple ledgers that must be reconciled.

Blockchain is decentralized, which offers the promise of nearly friction-free cooperation between participants of business networks. Enhanced security makes it possible for these users to interact directly because trusted intermediaries and mediators aren’t needed to confirm transactions.


Leveraging the blockchain TRON development experience, we can help you launch the TRC-10 TOKEN for ICO and blockchain products. We can also introduce features like Burnable, Transferable, Mintable, and Upgradable in the smart contracts of TRC-10 Token.


Though initially set up a blockchain network won’t be cheap, with better organization, increased efficiency, and fewer intermediaries, you can reduce everyday costs such as third-party fees, overheads for exchanging assets, and administrative costs.

Working with ZirconTech to Integrate AI in Your Applications

60% of CIOs across sectors expect to adopt blockchain in the next three years. Start your blockchain development project now to stay ahead of the competition! Blockchain is the distribuited ledger technology that is being used to facilitate direct value exchange over the internet. It is fast becoming the system of choice for business transactions thanks to its great benefits that speak for themselves.

According to Gartner, “We expect blockchain smart contracts to increase overall data quality by about 50% by the year 2023. Better data availability will, in turn, improve the decision-making process for organizations. Hence it recommends blockchain for data and analytics (D&A).

When an organization adopts blockchain smart contracts -whether externally imposed or voluntarily adopted- they benefit from the associated increase in data quality.