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Digital transformation with
custom-made web and mobile software solutions

We build mobile and web apps using the most widely spread technologies. Leveraging on our experience in Agile Methodologies, cross-industries knowledge, and UX/UI tactics to help companies excel in their digital strategy.


We are a pioneer blockchain development company in pursuit of transforming industries around the world.


We deliver consultancy services for cloud adoption strategy, application transformation, and support.

Staff Augmentation

We offer staff augmentation services, expertly assembling teams with fresh competencies, all at highly competitive prices.


Our experience in development and open source tools, positions us to handle all kinds of new digitally connected devices.

Artificial Intelligence

We have certified experts that can help you explore the best AI opportunities to capture new markets, grow revenue, enhance profitability.

UX/UI Services

We provide top-tier UX/UI services, curating proficient teams to enhance your digital interfaces and user experiences.


Agile, Nearshore and

With over Twenty years of experience, our team has participated in diverse projects comprised of teams from around the world. We make use of Agile Methodologies to deliver winning digital experiences to our clients.

Clear and continuous communication

When working with remote teams it is critical to maintain fluid communication. We adapt to our clients' communication tools to make sure this is possible. We prefer the use of instant communication tools to ensure fast interaction. We also have escalation mechanisms so that customers always receive a response to their interactions in a timely manner.

Control of project deliverables

To achieve this, collaboration is essential. Also good communication as well as being aligned with the times and culture of our clients. Finally, the use of agile methodologies (and in particular their components) is our great bet so that our clients have real control of the project.

On time delivery

Regarding this point there are no secrets. The first thing that is needed is good planning (based on a precise and detailed definition of requirements). Then you have to choose the developers with the right profile. Finally, working with the client as a single team, closely monitoring the project through the use of agile methodologies.

Low risk projects

We know how important it is to minimize the risk of a project. This is why, on the one hand, we ensure transparency in project management and control over the deliverables and times involved. But, no less important, is to ensure that all information management is protected by an NDA and that intellectual property is always on the client's side.

Our Commitment to Inclusion and Diversity

We are committed to creating an environment where everyone feels valued, respected, and empowered to bring their authentic selves to work every day. Our dedication to inclusivity goes beyond words — it's ingrained in our company culture and reflected in every aspect of our operations. We celebrate the unique perspectives, backgrounds, and talents of our team members, knowing that diverse teams drive innovation and creativity.
Here are some ways we promote inclusivity at ZirconTech:
  • Diverse Hiring Practices: We actively seek talent from varied backgrounds to ensure our teams represent a wide range of experiences and ideas.
  • Inclusive Policies: Our policies are designed to promote fairness, equality, and accessibility for all employees, regardless of race, gender, age, sexual orientation, or disability.
  • Promote Work-Life Balance: We support work-life balance initiatives that accommodate the diverse needs and responsibilities of our employees.
  • Transparent Promotion and Recognition: We implemented transparent and equitable processes for promotions, raises, and recognition. Ensured that criteria are clear, unbiased, and based on performance and contribution, regardless of background or identity. Join us in creating a workplace where diversity is celebrated, inclusion is the norm, and everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

    Some of the projects we
    Were working on

    Cuckoo Links allows you to create a link-in-bio landing page with links to not only major streaming platforms, but beat markets for producers, YouTube videos, custom URL's like your website or merch store and much more.
    GiveTrack™ is an innovative donation platform for nonprofits to provide transparency and accountability to donors by sharing financial information and direct project results in real-time.
    Monax is a contract lifecycle management platform which allows consumers to easily procure lawyer-tested agreements and stay in full control of their business contracts.
    SUKU Infinite will use its platform to securely create and sell verifiable non-fungible tokens that represent the authenticity of both digital and physical products. These tokens will be transacted in their marketplace
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