Put Artificial Intelligence at the heart of your business growth

Put Artificial Intelligence at the heart of your business growth

For many people, the words Artificial Intelligence conjure up images of robots in science fiction movies. But AI is already a key part of the world around us in so many aspects of our daily lives.

When you tap into a navigation app while driving in your car, or engage in online banking, or use face recognition technology, you are benefiting from the incredible advances in AI over recent years.

Perhaps the most common application of artificial intelligence programming is the availability of smart assistants such as Alexa and Siri. The ability to translate spoken commands into automated actions epitomizes the use of machine learning perfectly.

In the world of business, the use of AI programming languages is central to technologies at the cutting edge of progress and innovation. Using an algorithm that masters AI driven processes can be hugely beneficial to an organization’s decision making in a host of day-to-day commercial contexts.

ZirconTech is acutely aware of the enormous potential of artificial intelligence and its role in boosting the performance of businesses in a broad range of sectors. This makes us the ideal partner for any organization aspiring to incorporate AI in its software development process.

Why is artificial intelligence important for your business?

Just as AI initiatives are omnipresent in everyday life, they are at the heart of innovations that can benefit the business world. The successful incorporation of AI programming languages and AI initiatives can bring significant commercial advantages to those who embrace them.

AI software is at the heart of business management activities like spam filters, process automation and sales forecasting

AI software is at the heart of business management activities including spam filters, process automation, and sales forecasting. It is particularly useful in e-commerce situations such as smart searches, product recommendations and personalization.

Marketing features such as content curation, customer segmentation, and the ability to predict customer behavior are all driven by increasingly sophisticated AI models with at their center an algorithm formulated to oversee such tasks efficiently and effectively.

To put it simply, artificial intelligence is the future of business. It is hard to foresee any organization, particularly in a tech-focused context, being successful without embracing the awesome potential of the algorithm.

How does artificial intelligence work?

There are two particularly compelling strands of AI that are changing the modern business landscape: machine learning and deep learning. How do they differ from each other?

  • Machine learning: This relates to the increasing ability of computers to think and act with less input from humans. It involves less computing power, but more human intervention.
  • Deep learning: The difference here is that computers can learn to think using structures that mirror the workings of the human brain. With deep learning, images and data can be analyzed in ways that are beyond machine learning tools.

Let’s look at some examples of both – you may be surprised at how comprehensively and effectively many household names have AI programming languages at the core of their processes.

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest use machine learning to curate content feeds, moderate spam and place relevant ads. Apple is the force behind Siri, one of the leading digital assistants. And Amazon’s legendary ability to recommend relevant products is a classic example of machine learning technology.

Perhaps the best illustration of the potential of deep learning is the driverless cars being developed by Tesla and other manufacturers. Deep learning ensures a car can react appropriately to objects such as stop signs, traffic lights, and pedestrians.

It should be apparent that the ability to translate machine language in artificial intelligence contexts quickly and accurately is essential in a huge variety of commercial applications.

Steps for implementing artificial intelligence in your organization

man working on his laptop on artificial intelligence

When you decide to embrace the potential of AI initiatives, and the benefits they can bring to your company, there are several initial steps to take to ensure the smooth implementation of every algorithm.

  1. Identify and define the purpose of the algorithm.
  2. Collect past and present data to feed the algorithm.
  3. Construct and test your solution to ensure its accuracy.
  4. Have a clear idea of the results you aim to collect.
  5. Implement the algorithm and hone it based on experience.

How to ensure your smooth adoption of artificial intelligence

AI-driven processes are now fundamental to applications that you can find on a regular daily basis in your daily life, and that of your business.

It bears repeating that businesses who resist the advance of AI, and are reluctant to construct an algorithm that can harness this enormous potential to transform its processes and customer proposition, will struggle. Algorithms will be critical to every successful business of the future.

With the assistance of ZirconTech, you can ensure the smooth adoption of artificial intelligence – and the resultant boost to your business. Speak to us now to see how our extensive experience and expertise in the field of AI makes us the ideal partner for you.