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Tap into the power of superior software development with our expert team, specializing in the staff augmentation model. We’re committed to propelling your business to new heights with our state-of-the-art tech solutions. Explore our website to unveil the diverse industries we serve, get to know our dedicated professionals, and browse through our showcase of successfully completed projects.

Listen to our satisfied customers’ voices through their glowing testimonials, affirming the outstanding service and unparalleled expertise you can expect when you choose us for your web development and blockchain needs. Leveraging our resources will give your business a strategic edge, boost productivity, and ensure a seamless experience. Join us in crafting a technologically advanced future for your business!

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Staff Augmentation Benefits and Solutions

With our specialized staff augmentation services, we offer tailored strategies for developing dynamic web applications, guaranteeing an elevated user experience and improved functionality.


By utilizing our top-tier professionals as an extension of your team, the possibilities of integrating blockchain technology into your operations become boundless. This tech marvel, renowned for its transparency, security, and decentralization, has the power to completely transform your business operations.


Harness the skills of our seasoned experts, equipped to construct easy-to-navigate, secure, and efficient e-commerce platforms. This dynamic solution will boost your online sales while fostering increased levels of customer engagement.

Custom Web Applications

Benefit from the unique ability to design, evolve, and launch customized web applications crafted specifically for your business objectives. Such personalized solutions foster improved efficiency and promote streamlined operational processes.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Empowering your team with our highly skilled professionals opens up new horizons for creating, managing, and maintaining your digital content across a variety of platforms. This fusion of talents not only ensures a more effective and efficient engagement with your audience but also magnifies your brand's influence and visibility in the digital landscape.

AI Integration

Leveraging the power of an augmented team, infuse your web development projects with artificial intelligence. This strategic move will usher in unprecedented accuracy, speed, and personalization, propelling your business operations to new heights.

Data Visualization

By integrating our top-notch professionals into your existing team, you'll gain access to premier data visualization solutions. These can transform complicated data sets into accessible visual formats, enhancing your business decision-making process and yielding significant insights. This partnership not only simplifies data comprehension, but also unveils hidden trends and patterns that could shape the future trajectory of your business.

Internet of Things (IoT)

By bolstering your team with our adept professionals, you gain the capacity to incorporate Internet of Things (IoT) into your web development. This integration will lead your business to unprecedented levels of efficiency, automation, and security. By connecting devices, streamlining processes, and ensuring secure data transfers, your business operations will be transformed for the better.

Web Security

Enriching your team with our skilled professionals brings a heightened focus on web security best practices. Their expertise will fortify your websites and applications against potential threats, ensuring a robust defense system for the privacy and safety of your users' data. This commitment to security adds another layer of trust and reliability to your digital presence.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

By supplementing your team with our proficient professionals, we facilitate the development of Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), uniting the best features of web and mobile applications for a native app-like experience. PWAs offer quicker loading speeds, offline accessibility, and heightened user engagement. This translates into an enriched user experience and superior application performance, propelling your business's digital offerings to new levels of excellence.

Industries We Serve

Industries we serve for Blockchain projects

ZirconTech stands as a premier provider of web and web3 development solutions across a diverse range of industries. By integrating our highly skilled developers and industry gurus into your team, we help businesses and organizations flourish through groundbreaking technology solutions.

In the finance sector, the power of web development can be harnessed to bolster transparency, security, and efficiency of financial transactions. The incorporation of an advanced web-based platform allows financial institutions to optimize processes, minimize fraud risk, and ensure secure and transparent record maintenance.

Web development can be a game-changer for the healthcare industry. It enables secure archiving and management of patient data, mitigates the chances of medical errors, and enhances the efficiency of clinical trials. With a state-of-the-art web-based platform, healthcare organizations can not only deliver improved care quality but also achieve significant cost savings.

Web and Web3 development technologies have the potential to significantly transform various industries. ZirconTech excels in unlocking this potential, particularly through offering a staff augmentation project, ensuring your team is equipped with top-tier web development professionals to drive your projects forward.

In the realm of supply chain management, the integration of our professionals into your team can lead to greater accuracy and transparency in tracking goods and materials across the supply chain. Through web-based solutions, you can gain a deeper understanding of your supply chain and optimize your operations, leading to improved efficiency, reduced error risk, and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Similarly, the gaming industry can reap substantial benefits. The presence of our seasoned developers in your team can result in transparent and secure platforms for online gaming. Moreover, our professionals can help in effectively utilizing web development for crowdfunding, crowdsourcing, and asset digitization, thus simplifying asset trading and fund-raising initiatives.

Web development technology can also be harnessed for document notarization, providing a swift and secure method to verify the authenticity of crucial documents. This becomes effortless with the support of our skilled professionals, who also help in creating secure online exchanges for transparent digital asset trading.

At ZirconTech, we provide the expertise and knowledge to customize web and Web3 development solutions that cater to your unique business requirements, no matter the industry. Our staff augmentation services are aimed at delivering robust, reliable software and driving your business towards success. With us, you gain more than just an augmented team; you secure a partnership committed to your business growth.

About Us

If you’re in search of a reliable team with profound experience to actualize your web development project, ZirconTech is your go-to destination.

With a rich history spanning more than two decades in the industry, our team has seen an extensive spectrum of projects and collaborated with a variety of global teams. Our expertise and skill set equip us to deliver top-tier digital experiences for our clients.

At ZirconTech, we adopt Agile methodologies to guarantee efficient and effective project execution. Our advantageous nearshore location allows us to offer competitive rates without skimping on quality.

Seize the chance to collaborate with a team that has the knowledge and capability to uplift your project. Reach out to us today to explore how we can propel you towards triumph in your web development journey, especially through our staff augmentation services.

About ZirconTech

Our Team

Andres Zunino is a highly experienced business professional with a solid foundation in sales and operations. Holding degrees in Civil Engineering and Business Administration, he has gained experience across various industries, such as construction and telecommunications. During his tenure at Ericsson, Andres managed operations in multiple countries. In 2015, he invested in a range of startups centered on emerging technologies, and in 2016, he co-founded ZirconTech, a company specializing in web development. ZirconTech utilizes cutting-edge technologies and innovative strategies to create exceptional web solutions for businesses.

Martín Liguori presently serves as the Chief Operating Officer at ZirconTech, where he plays a vital role in overseeing web development service delivery. Before taking on this position, he co-founded Infuy, a Uruguay-based software company with a focus on web application development. Martin possesses a strong background in web development and cloud infrastructure and has previously worked at Tata Consultancy Services, providing services to a global clientele. His extensive experience in mission-critical operations demonstrates his expertise in the web development field.

Williams is a senior software and web development architect at ZirconTech, where he has spearheaded numerous global projects. Currently, he is accountable for shaping the company’s technology strategy and supervising all technical aspects of significant projects. Williams possesses vast experience in web development technologies and frameworks. Before joining ZirconTech, he served as a Computer Science engineer at Codigo del Sur, a renowned IT company in Uruguay, where he further honed his expertise in web development and technology solutions.

Martin is a mentor, investor, and advisor to companies in the information and emerging technology sectors, with a strong focus on web development. Previously, he was the managing partner of Pyxis, a rapidly growing IT company with a presence in Latin America and North America, where he contributed to the growth of their web development services. Before this role, Martin led the Global Delivery Center of Tata Consultancy Services in Montevideo and served as the Head of the Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance Area of the operation, overseeing web development projects. Martin has also worked at IBM, Conaprole, and Banco Comercial, which was later acquired by Scotiabank, gaining valuable experience in web development. In addition, he has served as an Artificial Intelligence professor at Universidad Católica del Uruguay, where he has shared his expertise in web development and related technologies.

Alejandro Narancio is a renowned web development professional with a strong background in cutting-edge technologies. He is a highly sought-after international speaker and a university professor, sharing his expertise with a broad audience. Before co-founding Infuy, Alejandro worked for Tata Consultancy Services, where he delivered exceptional web development services to numerous financial services companies in the United States. He has extensive on-site experience in cities such as Minneapolis, Miami, Los Angeles, and New York City, enriching his knowledge and skills in the web development industry.

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