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Why IoT Innovation is Playing a Key Role Today

The ability of digital devices to measure, and act upon, the data they collect has revolutionized the way we live our lives and conduct our businesses. As the number of smart devices in the world has soared, so has their ability to communicate with each other and to deliver outcomes beneficial to their owners, whether individuals or organizations. IoT solutions can now be applied across various major industries including healthcare, transport, retail and manufacturing. The requirement for social isolation imposed in response to the Covid-19 pandemic increased the awareness of the value of IoT services, as people and companies were required to operate on a more remote and disparate basis. We see so many examples of this in our daily lives. Our mobile devices capture how far we walk, the number of floors we climb, and the locations we visit. Car insurance companies now invite drivers to monitor their car use in real time. If you can prove you drive carefully, and rarely use your car at night, your premium may become cheaper. This has led some observers to suggest that the IoT is evolving into the Internet of Behaviors.

The Internet of Things (IoT):

is the label applied to the network of physical objects that now covers the world. These “things” are items that are connected by modern technology – and the IoT enables these devices and systems to exchange data to deliver cutting-edge digital solutions to homes and businesses.

When it comes to IoT solutions, ZirconTech has extensive experience in development and open-source tools, ensuring that it can handle a broad variety of new digitally connected devices. It can also manage the connection between IoT sensors and back-end services.

How IoT Solutions Will Become Even More Relevant in the Next Few Years

The IoT has moved beyond the stage of hype and potential and is now delivering real business benefits. Indeed, it is estimated that 61% of enterprises now show a high level of IoT maturity, and that 63% expect to achieve financial payback on their IoT projects within three years.

This is an incredibly exciting time for organizations such as ZirconTech to be involved in IoT innovation in contexts such as smart home solutions, intranet development, wearable technology, healthcare, and other key verticals.

Even more excitement lies from the swift progress of three complementary emerging technologies: Artificial Intelligence (AI), 5G and Big Data.

The fusion between AI and the IoT is becoming ever more mainstream, and there are several areas in particular where our lives in our homes and our cities will be transformed in the years to come:

Smart watches, AR/VR goggles, and wireless earbuds.

Speakers, appliances, thermostats, lights and TVs.

Energy grids, street lights, and public transport.

Autonomous manufacturing robots, automated supply chain management, and predictive maintenance sectors.

What are the Challenges When Deploying IoT Solutions?

The advance of the IoT may appear inexorable, but there are several issues of which organizations must be aware to ensure the smooth operation of connected devices.The first of these is power; wired and wireless IoT devices require significant amounts. They also need a solid and reliable connectivity solution.

In terms of personnel, it is essential to have the requisite level of expertise on board to ensure that a bespoke solution can be implemented that works to meet an organization’s specific requirements.

Indeed, the development of successful IoT solutions is a task requiring a high level of expertise. Which is why the experience and insight of ZirconTech is so valuable to clients in the USA and beyond.


ZirconTech’s IoT Services & Expertise

One project that showcased the excellence of ZirconTech’s client proposition was its collaboration with a leading provider of home intelligence platforms. It uses technology to provide a superior living experience through multiple device integration impacting the control of air, light, water, sound, and overall health and wellness.

Our team developed an IoT framework with NodeJS using TCP, UDP, UPnP protocols and network discovery to integrate with several IoT platforms.

These included Sonos, which delivers high quality audio to the smart home, and Breezeometer, which uses environmental data and insights to ensure optimum air quality in residential spaces.

QMotion creates shading systems including blinds to deliver the perfect amount of light to interior settings – and optimizes domestic energy use to reduce the cost of air conditioning and electricity.

Another partner was Hunter Douglas, the world’s leading manufacturer of window coverings, while SmartThings delivers all-round smart home solutions in security, ambience and audio.

Your Ideal Tech Partner for IoT Integration

When you are planning your IoT innovation, ZirconTech has the experience, understanding and expertise to deliver outstanding, affordable solutions in the USA and beyond. Talk to us today and learn about how our knowledge and application of IoT solutions can make a significant difference to your quality of life in the ultra-connected digital age.


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