Authenticated Diplomas for students in United States

Authenticated Diplomas for students in United States

ZirconTech has worked with a United States technology company that is working with Universities to streamline the process of authenticating graduate status for former students.

They have partnered with ZirconTech to implement an online service that allows a prospective employer, or other 3rd party, to verify the authenticity of the person’s graduation status with a University.

ZirconTech to deliver solution to authenticate Diplomas in US Universities

How does it work?

The solution is based on ZirconTech’s Notarizer, using blockchain technology as irrefutable proof of the authenticity of the diploma certifications.

With the emergence of the technology in the business landscape, blockchain entered the picture to record authenticity and make it easy to verify later. The blockchain often serves as a decentralized storage for approved records and documents. In this way, any unauthorized user will not be able to edit or delete portions of the document.

The blockchain technology ensures the integrity of data as soon as it enters the chain by providing features such as tampering-resistance, non-repudiation, and traceability.

This solution also allows easy integration with the University for graduation status.  Graduates are given a QR code and a link that they can share with a prospective employer or other 3rd party.  The link directs to the official University website where the Diploma is verified, including the type of degree and blockchain transaction information.  This solution allows the University to maintain it’s authority as the issuer of the Diploma and the graduate a simple way to allow others to verify their graduation status, secured via blockchain.

What’s next

This solution is being introduced to several Universities, which we will share as the formal announcements are released.