Supply Chain Notarization & Product Traceability

Supply Chain Notarization & Product Traceability

In a more conscious society users become more demanding on healthy products and about their provenance, social and environmental impact. We are increasingly seeing labels and links to product’s ingredients and its provenance. Take the example of vegetables, be a round cluster tomato from Netherlands, mixed cherry tomato from Morocco, courgetti or zucchini from Spain, Paris mushroom from France or Poland, stuffed Paris mushrooms from Netherlands and flat coconut bean or red bell pepper from Spain.

Supply Chain Notarization and Product Traceability with Blockchain

But if you go a step forward, if you try to know exactly where these fresh products are coming from, although the labels may say “Spain” or “France”, the regions are big areas, and the labels not necessarily give much insight. And you need to buy now and have no time to research online. Customers are more conscious and increasingly are looking at making a positive choice about what they buy. Consumers are holding companies accountable, and they expect sustainable and quality products to be delivered to their homes.

In a global competitive environment, the producers that are working hard to make progress on their impact need to position well in the market, with effective ways to demonstrate proofs to the end users of their sustainability initiatives in a clearly and accessible way.

How can companies leverage their current software applications to generate trustworthy information about product origin, journey, and environmental and society impact? How companies can exploit owned data bases and share the data in a trusted manner, including tampering-resistance, non-repudiation, and traceability, while keeping integrity of data?

ZirconTech Notarizer lets use companies’ software applications and integrate with APIs to bring solutions to these requirements, by using blockchain technology as irrefutable proof of the existence of complex data types, such as documents, or in general any type of file.

Notarization plays an integral role in the production process and the supply chain, tracking provenance to ensure supply chain transparency through an immutable digital ledger. Notarized events and documents are an indication that the parties involved are genuine and can be trusted. The blockchain serves as storage for notarized records and documents. In this way, any unauthorized user will not be able to edit nor delete portions of the document. Our goal is to build trust and drive sustainability in global markets for the mitigation of real-world economic, environmental, and societal challenges.

What are the Benefits of Notarization for traceability with Blockchain?

ZirconTech Notarizer is a blockchain based product and brings a private, remote notary channel to address all your traceability needs. It leverages notarization with blockchain to provide traceability solutions to producers across different supply chains. These documents can only be accessed and signed on the blockchain.

The product offers a set of services and scales to add additional layers of integration, in particular the Smart Contract and API Rest that let integrate producers’ software application with the notarizer.

Considering that the objective is to achieve the notarization of documents in Blockchain for traceability, a series of Smart Contracts have been developed capable of processing the references to the documents and records together with their owner and other eventual additional information.

ZirconTech offers a solution on the Ethereum network that can be extended to other Blockchains. For example, ZirconTech has developed a Notarizer version based on Hedera Hashgraph, a proof-of-stake public network, powered by hashgraph consensus.

On the other hand, the public functions of this Smart Contract are not accessed directly, and it has been built an additional logical layer that interacts with these contracts and offers access to them in the form of REST services as well as other complementary functionalities that facilitate the data usability. Users must register in the system to use the functionalities. Communication with the API services can be authenticated through the use of API KEYS that the user will obtain after registering.

The API services are suitable for many supply chain use cases that need to capture events and data across physical products, packaging layers and transportation assets. The digitization of these events eventually can be shared across blockchain-enabled ecosystem of stakeholders.

Integrating ZirconTech notarizer with retailers’ mobile applications

You don’t need to create a different application for check the traceability and provenance data, although you can and ZirconTech can help you. But through the ZirconTech Notarizer’s APIs you can create and publish engaging and trustworthy sustainability content, letting you easily provide the supply chain data to your customers through credible communications.

Also, the APIs can be used to integrate, and proof tamp digitally the third-party certifications you have achieved. Displaying third-party proof with linkable verification badges is very easy. It is a great opportunity to show customers the certifications with authenticity.

If you have invested in ecommerce and customer engagement solutions, you can integrate through our APIs all your supply chain data, adding it to your engaging content and updated with your systems data sources. An easy QR-Code scanning solution can be integrated into your mobile application.

Consumers increasingly want to generate impact through their purchasing power, and producers can benefit by growing and making a positive impact on the society and the environment.

ZirconTech Notarizer can help companies to accelerate the implementation of the proof tampered solutions. Contact us for a demo and free consultation discovery sessions to seize the applicability to your business.