The First Enterprise Ethereum Alliance New York City Meetup

The First Enterprise Ethereum Alliance New York City Meetup

It took place the first EEA NYC Meetup at Fordham .University McNally Amphitheatre, 140 West 62nd Street New York. A brief update on the exciting things happening at EEA (Enterprise Ethereum Alliance) and working demos of products from members showcasing the results of the alliance’s work.

The event was moderated by Vanessa Grellet, Executive Director of Strategy, Enterprise & Social Impact at ConsenSys.

J.P. Morgan and Zcash publicly showcased for the first time the latest version of Quorum. The new features included the Zero-knowledge Security Layer that allows for cryptographically assured private settlement of digitized assets on Quorum.

ConsenSys introduced OpenLaw, demonstrating tools to begin managing large and complex legal transactions on a blockchain. OpenLaw showed how you can execute multiple legal agreements using blockchain technology and trigger the execution of multiple smart contracts, including smart contracts to transfer ether every minute and to transfer tokenized stock on a vesting schedule. ZirconTech is evaluating all emerging blockchain based legal technologies, and this was a great opportunity to interact with one of the key global lines of development.

The we had the opportunity to see Datarella, which developed for the United Nations World Food Programme an Ethereum based asset management and payment system to distribute aids. The system has been in use in the field for half a year. Building and deploying real-world applications shows us how important it is to push the blockchain to enterprise maturity.

Then we had more from the Brooklyn based ConsenSys, in this case they presented an overview of the user-centric uPort identity system and how it is currently being used today by ConsenSys Academy and governments around the world for projects, such as government attestations and document notarization. TuPort showcased functionalities like the ability to sign Ethereum transactions, manage attestations, and sign documents.

Finally, presented by TruSet’s Co-Founders, Tim Rice and Will Janensch, a demo showcased how member nodes can publish, validate, reach consensus, and consume a bond reference data record on the Ethereum blockchain.