Andres Zunino, CEO of ZirconTech, Explains how his Confidence in Blockchain Technology Propelled him to Unparalleled Success

Andres Zunino, CEO of ZirconTech, Explains how his Confidence in Blockchain Technology Propelled him to Unparalleled Success

In addition to providing mere development and design services, ZirconTech functions as a blockchain solution provider. Read the success story of the company in an interview with ZirconTech CEO – Andres Zunino. 


ZirconTech was established in 2016, and this Uruguay-based company has created dozens of both private and public blockchain applications till now. It pioneers custom-based digital transformation of businesses through advanced web and mobile solutions based on blockchain technology.

In an interview with GoodFirms, Andres Zunino discusses how the company was formed and how they are well-equipped to deal with all sorts of complex projects.

Zunino shares that ZirconTech was established in response to the need for rapid development of complex technological solutions in the blockchain industry.

Run by a group of extremely intelligent and experienced people, they follow an agile design and development process to achieve the digital transformation goals of their client business, and are majorly focused on Blockchain and IoT technologies for supplying most of their classy solutions.

He also adds that the experienced developers in the company can produce any type of application in keeping with all types of complex projects, from start to finish.

The expert team of blockchain developers in Zircon manage the entire development stack in the company. They deploy nodes and write small contracts for graphic design and front-end development.

While asked about the business-model of the company, Mr. Zunino shared that their team of experienced developers work as per different engagement models to perfectly meet the needs of their clients. He described them as:

  • Dedicated Team Model: A fixed monthly fee is charged from the customer for the resources used or hired.
  • Fixed Price Model: The price is charged based on clearly defining the project requirements, specifications, and schedule before the project initiates.
  • Time & Material (Hourly Price Model): The price is charged for the specific changes performed on the project based on the expert’s guidance. Here, the total cost is basically proportional to the time and resources involved in project delivery.

Mr. Zunino seems quite enthusiastic while talking during the interview. He happily shared that most experts at Zircon hold over 20+ years of experience in mobile and web app development, cloud infrastructure, and blockchain technologies.

The seasoned group of professionals employed in the company guide their clients all through the development process. The clear and fast communication, timely deliveries, controlled risk and project deliverables are some of the functions that make ZirconTech different from others.

The CEO clarified that they have worked with a vast array of industries and have developed many great solutions that create value to their customers using the leading-edge technology. More importantly, the company generally works on the projects from the initial stage to its completion for both startups and big organizations that are lacking internal resources and needing Minimal Viable Products.

Mr. Zunino, while asked about the customer satisfaction rate of the company, proudly throws light on the excellent customer reviews received in favor of the company as it follows an incremental approach ensuring success of any project as he states, “We follow a specific framework for each project starting with sketching, then design, development, and careful testing prior to launch. All with a great emphasis on constant improvement and communication.”

He also emphasized over how efficient and recognized the company has been among its customers as it is regarded as the top blockchain development company in Uruguay in the GoodFirms ranking list, where GoodFirms is one of the leading review and rating service providing companies globally.

Regarding the support system offered by the company to its clients, Mr. CEO further stated how they let their clients stay relaxed as they appoint a dedicated account manager or customer success manager for a project depending upon its type and plus the engagement model is also chosen accordingly.

The billing structure of the company is also quite simple and straightforward. There is no specific policy, instead different payment structures are followed and adapted according to convenience and suitability. The minimum budget for a project is set at $25,000, whereas the maximum budget is set up to $1,000,000.

The company aims to become the leading software development firm in its region. It provides cutting-edge solutions to its customers to make them stay ahead in the competition.

This was an excerpt from the GoodFirms interview of Andres Zunino. The detailed interview can be obtained from the GoodFirms profile page of the company.

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