Zircon Tech accompanied the launch of GiveTrack in Labitconf 2018

Zircon Tech accompanied the launch of GiveTrack in Labitconf 2018

One of the important work areas of Zircon Tech in 2018 was the development of the GiveTrack application through the Argentine company Koibanx. The management of Zircon Tech was in Santiago de Chile accompanying those responsible for Koibanx and Connie Gallippi, director of Bitgive who launched this donation platform for non-profit organizations.


The LaBitConf conference brought together experts from around the world and took place in Santiago de Chile from December 5 to 7.

It left the announcements of the promising Latin America Blockchain Alliance organization and was the opportunity to share relevant reflections of the Bitcoin evangelist, Andreas Antonopoulos.

For its part, the BitGive Foundation has launched GiveTrack 1.0 in Santiago de Chile and is supporting four new non-profit organizations.

BitGive GiveTrack 1.0 is the latest version of its platform designed to increase transparency in the donation process, allowing donors to contribute directly to the causes that interest them. Last October, BitGive launched the beta version of GiveTrack.

Launched at the Latin American Bitcoin and Blockchain Conference in Santiago, Chile, Connie Gallippi, founder and executive director of BitGive, said she expects the platform to improve the way people donate to charities, which generates a greater impact at the basic level: “This technology provides the opportunity to not only raise funds worldwide without borders, but also offers the ability to move funds around the world much faster and cheaper than traditional methods, while providing a public funds transparent path, which increases responsibility, she said. With all these benefits, non-profit organizations can do much more, before and with more transparency for their donors and the public. “

Andres Zunino from Zircon Tech said “we were part of an incredible project that will surely change the paradigm of donations. We integrate a multicultural, multidisciplinary team contributing our development experience and in particular in blockchain technology through our developers in our Montevideo office “

In line with the launch of GiveTrack 1.0, BitGive also announced its Global Bitcoin Fundraiser, which will support four new non-profit organizations on its platform: Code to Inspire, Desafío Levantemos Chile, America Solidaria and Run for Water. Starting the campaign, RSK, a platform for intelligent open source contracts, and Bloq, a multi-chain, multi-token chain company, are donating $ 5,000. This will be distributed evenly among non-profit organizations, which will help boost the fundraising goals.

The event was also an important environment for sharing moments with colleagues from the blockchain community in Argentina, with whom Zircon Tech has been actively working.

Within the context of the event, a forum was held that brought together different Chilean startups with the Production Development Corporation (Corfo), the government agency of Chile in charge of promoting national production. Patricia Orellana, executive director of the Digital Transformation Committee in Corfo; Ariel Salas, CEO of Luka; Daniela Aguirre, CEO of the HeartCoin Foundation; Cristóbal Pereira, CEO of Godzillion; and José Alberto Bravo, founder of Kawin.

Orellana said that “Blockchain is an issue that for us is very important.” He added: “Traction from a state and government view and support the ecosystem of entrepreneurs in Chile is one of the great tasks we are doing from Corfo”. Orellana asked the entrepreneurs, which for them are the challenges of the State in the area. They highlighted the need to generate confidence in technology, it can be a great generator of public policies; as well as the slowness in the adoption of these technological practices in Chile and the lack of knowledge about the Blockchain. Finally they assured that the challenges are that now we must start executing relevant tasks with the technology to give solutions in the matter of identity, fiscal processes and as a connector of money.

 Zircon Tech has begun to venture into the Chilean market, particularly in the blockchain area.