Cloud Computing Is Key To Progress In The New Digital Age

The benefits of cloud computing have been clear to businesses in the USA and across the world for several years. As cloud development has gathered pace, the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of the solutions it facilitates have enabled increasing numbers of organizations to move away from traditional IT infrastructure models.

ZirconTech has been working with cloud platforms for many years. This has given us the tools and expertise to deliver consultancy services in areas including cloud adoption strategy, digital transformation, and support.

This includes successful collaboration with Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud and OpenStack (including many examples of cloud technology such as IaaS, containers and serverless technologies).

Why Cloud Computing Services are Key to Modern Business Success

The many benefits of cloud computing include cost savings, versatility, reliability, and limitless storage capacity. As a result, a majority of CIOs and CTOs are now focusing their investments on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and distributed cloud technology. Worldwide spending on public cloud services was expected to reach $332.3billion in 2021, an increase of 23.1% on the previous year.

Cloud development may appear complicated initially, but in fact this is a solution with far fewer operational issues. Using the cloud for your data processing tends to be more reliable than on-site servers.

With the cloud for your computing services is also easier on the wallet, both in terms of Opex and Capex, and your data storage requirements can be scaled more smoothly and cost-effectively.

In the more flexible workspace of the post-pandemic era...

The cloud is accessible remotely, document control is easier to establish and maintain – and, properly administered, the cloud has higher levels of cyber security than using local servers.

How the Importance of Cloud Computing Will Grow in Future

The move towards the cloud is not showing any sign of slowing down. Emerging technologies such as containerization, virtualization and edge computing are becoming more mainstream.

This is one reason why the cloud will be at the forefront of new digital experiences. Businesses that do not adopt a cloud-first approach risk being left behind in their on-site data rooms.

“It has been predicted that more than 85% of organizations will have embraced such an approach by 2025, with 95% of new digital workloads deployed on cloud-native platforms by then – up from 30% in 2021.” – Gartner

In hindsight, it is clear to see that the Covid-19 emergency was an accelerator of the adoption of cloud technology. The evidence is now indisputable that businesses can be run successfully, and globally, without hitches in data processing, data storage or cyber security.

The cloud will be the catalyst at the center of digital transformation as businesses embrace innovations that combine technologies such as AI, the IoT, and 5G.

What are the Challenges in Deploying Cloud Computing Solutions?

As cloud computing becomes increasingly mainstream, the potential risks associated with its operation will also become more acute. Privacy and cyber security are a concern because of the sheer amount of data being stored – making it essential that your cloud service provider has best-in-class security protocols in place. Associated with this is the need for organizations to feel they still have a measure of control over their data. There can also be issues with incompatibility between on-site systems and the cloud during the digital transformation implicit in migration to the cloud. The key to optimal management of a move to cloud computing, and its successful and smooth implementation, is working with an expert partner like ZirconTech that can identify any potential issues and eradicate them in the delivery of a bespoke solution.

Ask Us About Our Cloud Computing Services

ZirconTech’s extensive experience in consultancy for cloud adoption strategy makes us ideally positioned as a partner to advise any enterprise in the USA and elsewhere that is considering migrating to the cloud. We will welcome the opportunity to discuss with you and your business the ways in which we can help you to achieve a successful migration and reach your technological and commercial goals..