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November 2019

ZirconTech Continues Expansion in North America While Taking a Leading Role in Blockchain Initiatives in Latin America

November 29th, 2019

ZirconTech expands its  presence in Latin America with new projects  in Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Uruguay and strengthens activities in North America, with emphasis on the Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco tech communities.

Here is a more in depth overview of the work our team has spearheaded across the globe: 


ZirconTech started Q1 2019 with increased traction in Latin America after participating in the December 2018 Labitconf in Santiago de Chile. The team joined its client,  Koibanx, and non profit partner, BitGive headed by Connie Gallippi.( During the conference, BitGive launched its donation platform for non-profit organizations ( 

In Chile, ZirconTech is developing partnerships with a variety of  aiming to address local needs and bring innovative solutions to the banking, financial services, insurance, logistics, legal services and telecommunications sectors.

At the end of January 2019 ZirconTech participated in the Latam Blockchain Forum ( in Santiago de Chile. Attendees included key leaders from regional and global companies taking the lead in digital transformation through blockchain technology as well as government leaders seeking to foster blockchain innovation in Latin America. Our CTO, Alejandro Narancio presented before a crowd of over one hundred attendees on how to incorporate blockchain technology into the development of smart cities. One of our CTO’s main points was, “In smart cities many systems must be harmoniously integrated and if one system must adapt to assume a new reality, the rest must adapt to these changes automatically.” This forum addressed the potential that blockchain provides and how it can be applied in different industries.  At ZirconTech we are committed to the fact that transparency, traceability, immutability, decentralized agreements all through blockchain technology are key to bringing about needed reform to the global financial system.(

Our CTO was also recently covered by, Decentralizados (, a Chilean digital media covering blockchain initiatives. The Decentralizados team discussed our CTO’s work with and understanding of blockchain technology,, The Internet of Things, and Smart City Technology in detail with ZirconTech (

ZirconTech additionally conducted blockchain awareness sessions at local banks to demonstrate how this innovative  technology can be applied in the financial sector. One key area of focus the team address was blockchain applications that can be used by financial institutions to enhance the KYC (Know Your Customer) process.

ZirconTech has been developing partnerships with innovative blockchain companies in Chile who are developing interesting solutions like Paradigma CrossCheck. The team is working to map this solution to regional use cases for the creation of distributed applications. This tool can coexist with traditional centralized applications, helping individuals and small businesses to grow independently in a decentralized economy. This platform integrates Bitcoin technology with Smart Contracts, IoT Devices and the Blockstack platform in one application (Dapp) CrossCheck which makes market access secure, agile and available to everyone.

The ZirconTech team has also focused on leveraging digital contracts for professional services in the payment process. The team has discussed the incorporation of digital contracts into the payment process with financial services institutions and startups. A key theme discussed is how to leverage existing technology and what would be needed to facilitate advancement in the future.

Overall, Chile is a hot market for blockchain technology. Key Chilean technologists and economists have narrowed in on the benefits of this emerging technology. .Well known Economist Aldo Lema, Kenneth Rogoff from Harvard University, and Beltrán de Ramón of the Central Bank of Chile have recently made statements on Blockchain Technology. Kenneth Rogoff stated, “Governments cannot tolerate Bitcoin or Libra, unless all transactions are transparent.” ( Beltrán de Ramón  that “cryptoactives resemble money, but they are not; they will be regulated by the central banks and their designs will be very different from Bitcoin.” (

Additionally, the Governor of the Central Bank of Chile, Mr. Mario Marcel, discussed policy initiatives related to digital currencies. Companies are seeing the opportunity to take advantage of this rise is open source technologies and smartphone penetration in Chile.(

ZirconTech Partners with Monax to Help Incorporate Blockchain Technology Into the Legal Sector 

ZirconTech also formed a partnership with UK based Monax, aiming to incorporate blockchain technology into the legal sector.

( As a result of this partnership, ZirconTech has been able to showcase how digital contracting is facilitated with Monax platform ( and the Agreements Network ( Lawyers don’t need to learn programming languages like Solidity to run smart contracts. With Monax and its BPM (Business Process Model) tool you can go directly to the business to solve real problems. We are finding that the running of simple professional services agreements through smart contracts is becoming a leading use case for blockchain technology. 

ZirconTech Partners with Global Share to Implement Blockchain Technology in Electronic Bill of Lading Process 

The ZirconTech Team has explored ways to implement blockchain technology in foreign trade. We most recently partnered with Global Share, a company dedicated to the continuous improvement of business processes, providing innovative solutions to companies to improve processes productivity. In April 2019, the company announced a major milestone in Global Share/edoxOnline history, the brand new development for the preparation, issuance, signing, transmission, negotiation and presentation of the electronic Bill of Lading (e-BL). ZirconTech has been a key partner implementing blockchain technology in the solution architecture of e-BL.(

ZirconTech Collaborates with IBM to Implement Hyperledger Technology 

ZirconTech continues to collaborate with IBM through leveraging and implementing the hyperledger framework for projects in Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay. With the development of the Tradelens platform through the Maersk and IBM partnership, ZirconTech has further resources to enable companies in the logistics ecosystem to leverage blockchain technology. 

ZirconTech’s Developments in the United States

In May 2019, our team attended the Consensus conference in New York City.   North America and Europe. In 2017, our team presented a Hyperledger based insurance product at the conference: (

For close to three years we have partnered with teams in the Los Angeles area to support up and coming projects.   One of our recent partnerships is in the area of real estate applications where we enable clients to incorporate blockchain technology into the traditional real estate investment process. 

In April 2019 ZirconTech added a Business Development Consultant based in Philadelphia to the team. She is well connected with the US blockchain community. We have also strengthened relationships and discovered new business opportunities in different areas including, Silicon Valley, New York and Chicago. In October 2019, we added a second Business Development Consultant to the team.  She is based in New York.

ZirconTech’s Work in the Agribusiness Sector 

ZirconTech delved into the agribusiness sector. One of our clients in the agribusiness sector evolved piloting trading platforms, and completed trades with Thailand, India, Pakistan, Nigeria, Cambodia, Switzerland and England. brings the transparency needed to the supply chain process. This greater level of transparency allows insurance partners to better assess and control risk to give users access to first class insurance coverage.

ZirconTech’s Work in the Financial Services Sector 

In the Financial Services sector we have been a partner of R3 for over two years. Through this partnership, our team members have become Corda R3 Certified Developers. This is a relationship that started in New York and now has expanded to Latin America as R3 grows in the region. This year both companies participated in the Latam Blockchain Summit in Santiago de Chile. We have participated in several activities including New York like launch.


ZirconTech has had roots in Argentina since the very beginning. We continue to maintain connections with the local community, participate in workshops and meetups, and looking for opportunities to assist projects in the country. We have had the privilege of participating in Uruguay business development activities in Argentina, representing the Information Technology sector, like Uruguay XXI and the Uruguayan Embassy in Argentina. We “Business Opportunities in Uruguay” meeting at the residence of the Uruguayan Ambassador in Argentina. During the meeting we were able to highlight the advantages of doing business with and in Uruguay.(

Argentina is a hot spot for digital contracting. ZirconTech has been advising lawyers about the advantages of working with technologies like Monax. In this way there are several interesting cases being developed with innovative legal offices particularly in intellectual property management. Our some of our clients such as, Global Share, Koibanx and Bitgive, have carried out work in Argentina.

In July we participated in MITAGDS (Made in the Americas 2019, Global Digital Services Summit), organized by the Interamerican Development Bank under the Outsource2LAC program. We had the opportunity to interact with the Latin American community about the applications of blockchain technology in different industries. This has been a key milestone for further developments in the region. ZirconTech was one of the leading companies in Latin America participating in the event. Again, blockchain in supply chains was a hot topic, with discussions on the  transformation public and private sectors can undergo to enable decentralization and transparency.. Blockchain technology can truly increase the efficiency and transparency of supply chains and the logistics industry, positively impacting everything from warehousing to delivery to payment. We discussed these topics with IADB, Gartner and companies from Argentina, Barbados, Chile, Colombia. Mexico, United States and Canada.


In Colombia, ZirconTech has developed partnerships in the financial services industries that helped to develop ground activities in cities including, Bogota, Medellin and Cali. Our team has presented financial services and legal tech solutions to several companies from the banking and legal sectors, and outsourcing service sector. The Blockchain Centre Colombia is taking off


At home in Uruguay, the ZirconTech team continues to be involved at a local level in the Bitcoin and blockchain technology community. In May we took part in Montevideo’s Bitcoinday. This event aimed to educate the general public, on the basic concepts of cryptocurrencies, to specific information about the sale, investment, business uses and benefits for entrepreneurs and companies that want to leverage cryptocurrency. ( ZirconTech also took part in  Campus Zonamérica’s (Jacksonville)  series of Workshops for developers, and others for business professionals to enter the world of smart contracts and the application of blockchain for business, logistics and regulations. Other participating companies included Infuy, RSK, Keoken, dexFreight,, and Koibanx. This event opened new opportunities for ZirconTech in emerging blockchain applications in Uruguay, particularly logistics, foreign trade and traceability of products and digital contracts. Alejandro Narancio led a workshop on how to develop Smart Contracts on RSK, an area that he has been working extensively on this year. An area Alejandro has specifically worked on isRif Os. We discussed this work on a panel in the Montevideo Fintech Forum, back in June.

Our work in the legal sector is taking off as well. ZirconTech has pioneered the use of Monax technology live with “quick agreements” functionalities to launch labor and service contracts with his collaborators. This technology is expanding. We are specifically working with a local legal group to enhance the process for  contracting labor and professional services, including automatic payments mechanisms. This is a joint partnership with the Monax team. 

ZirconTech Enables Blockchain Technology Integration Into the Real Estate Sector

We are getting further involved in the real estate sector. We are leveraging our partnership with Monax to address key aspects of the real estate industry. ( As Monax CEO Casey Kuhlman states, “blockchain has the ability to take the real estate investment sequence and tokenize it. This can create partial ownership and increase liquidity significantly. Blockchain can also open up real estate investment trusts (REITs) to a new series of investors”.

Typically, real estate is an asset class that requires significant capital and is dominated by high-net-worth individuals. Tokenization allows for the reduction in the amount of capital any one individual would need, meaning more people would have the opportunity to invest. This would help diversify portfolios. It would also offer more liquidity in the ecosystem and the opportunity to move assets around more easily”

Zircon’s Work in the Traceability and Provenance of Goods.

Early on ZirconTech delved into improving the traceability of goods and transactions. We are continuing to do work to improve the traceability and provenance of goods through implementing blockchain technology. 

Since 2016, when we first participated in the f Consensus Conference in New York, we have taken a close look at the  Everledger project’s work on the traceability of diamonds. As the Everledger project has matured, we have looked at ways to  implement this technology in Latin America. All framework and process developed by Everledger are available for use in matching use cases.

We have taken on more advanced cases aimed at incorporating the internet of things on a large scale. Since 2017 we have been in contact with the Crypto Valley community in Switzerland. We participated in the Blockchain Competition organized by Lakeside Partners AG with our insurance product. We demonstrated a  Solidity mock up of cases for the dairy industry. Through this demo we were able to assist the Ambrosus team with solutions for decentralized IoT networks for the Next-Generation Supply Chains. These complex solutions are available for the right use cases for a variety of industries.  Ambrosus has recently begun developing a new suite of solutions focused on dairy products in both Europe and South-East Asia, to enable individuals to understand where their dairy products originate (

We have also found that simple use cases can be addressed with the SUKU World platform, which aims to be the universal symbol of truth for consumers and brands, making commerce more transparent and efficient through the power of blockchain technology. We are evaluating how to  this technology specifically for the agribusiness sector in Argentina, Chile and Peru.

With an increasing number of blockchain related platforms available, we see that we can quickly enable businesses to transform their services through digital transformation. , We believe it is faster and cheaper to reuse what is already developed, talk about real use cases and go to production when there’s value. In most cases there’s no need to reinvent the wheel.

At ZirconTech, we are a group of blockchain consultants who aim to help organizations identify the potential of blockchain technology.. Leveraging a market research, ZirconTech provides feasibility analysis for initiatives, analysis of relevant blockchain platforms and tools for a variety of  business cases. From conceptualization to design and development, ZirconTech can build enterprise applications to help companies to accelerate time to market and maximize return on the investment.

Alejandro Narancio Latam Blockchain Forum Santiago Chile

ZirconTech comenzó el primer trimestre de 2019 con una mayor tracción en América Latina después de participar en el Labitconf de diciembre de 2018 en Santiago de Chile.

El equipo se unió a su cliente, Koibanx, y su socio sin fines de lucro, BitGive, encabezado por Connie Gallippi. (Https:// Durante la conferencia, BitGive lanzó su plataforma de donación para organizaciones sin fines de lucro (

En Chile, ZirconTech está desarrollando asociaciones con una variedad de objetivos para abordar las necesidades locales y brindar soluciones innovadoras a los sectores de banca, servicios financieros, seguros, logística, servicios legales y telecomunicaciones.

Foro Latam Blockchain – Santiago de Chile 2019

A fines de enero de 2019, ZirconTech participó en el Foro Latam Blockchain ( en Santiago de Chile. Los asistentes incluyeron líderes clave de compañías regionales y globales que lideran la transformación digital a través de la tecnología blockchain, así como líderes gubernamentales que buscan fomentar la innovación blockchain en América Latina. Nuestro CTO, Alejandro Narancio, presentó ante una multitud de más de cien asistentes sobre cómo incorporar la tecnología blockchain en el desarrollo de las ciudades inteligentes.

Uno de los puntos principales de nuestro CTO fue: “En las ciudades inteligentes, muchos sistemas deben integrarse armoniosamente y si un sistema debe adaptarse para asumir una nueva realidad, el resto debe adaptarse a estos cambios automáticamente”. Este foro abordó el potencial que proporciona blockchain y cómo se puede aplicar en diferentes industrias. En ZirconTech estamos comprometidos con el hecho de que la transparencia, la trazabilidad, la inmutabilidad, los acuerdos descentralizados a través de la tecnología blockchain son clave para lograr la reforma necesaria al sistema financiero global. (

Nuestro CTO también fue cubierto recientemente por Decentralizados (, un medio digital chileno que cubre iniciativas de blockchain. El equipo de Decentralizados discutió el trabajo de nuestro CTO y la comprensión de la tecnología blockchain, Internet of Things y Smart City Technology en detalle con ZirconTech (

Blockchain en el sector financiero

ZirconTech también realizó sesiones de concientización de blockchain en bancos locales para demostrar cómo esta tecnología innovadora puede aplicarse en el sector financiero. Un área clave de enfoque que la dirección del equipo fueron las aplicaciones blockchain que pueden ser utilizadas por las instituciones financieras para mejorar el proceso KYC (Conozca a su cliente).

En general, Chile es un mercado interesante para la tecnología blockchain. Los tecnólogos y economistas chilenos clave han comentado los beneficios de esta tecnología emergente. El conocido economista Aldo Lema ha señalado los puntos de vista de Kenneth Rogoff de la Universidad de Harvard, y Beltrán de Ramón del Banco Central de Chile en sus recientes declaraciones sobre la tecnología Blockchain. Kenneth Rogoff declaró: “Los gobiernos no pueden tolerar Bitcoin o Libra, a menos que todas las transacciones sean transparentes”. ( Beltrán de Ramón ha señalado que “los criptoactivos se parecen al dinero, pero no lo son; estarán regulados por los bancos centrales y sus diseños serán muy diferentes a los de Bitcoin ”. (

Además, el Gobernador del Banco Central de Chile, Sr. Mario Marcel, discutió las iniciativas de política relacionadas con las monedas digitales. Y aprovechando las tecnologías de código abierto y la penetración de teléfonos inteligentes, las FinTech han visto una rápida adopción, interrumpiendo todas las áreas de servicios financieros, como pagos, inversiones, ahorros y préstamos, seguros y gestión de riesgos (

Aplicaciones en logística y el sector legal

ZirconTech ha estado desarrollando alianzas con empresas innovadoras de blockchain en Chile que están desarrollando soluciones interesantes como Paradigma CrossCheck. El equipo está trabajando para asignar esta solución a casos de uso regionales para la creación de aplicaciones distribuidas. Esta herramienta puede coexistir con aplicaciones centralizadas tradicionales, ayudando a individuos y pequeñas empresas a crecer independientemente en una economía descentralizada. Esta plataforma integra la tecnología Bitcoin con Smart Contracts, dispositivos IoT y la plataforma Blockstack en una aplicación (Dapp) CrossCheck que hace que el acceso al mercado sea seguro, ágil y esté disponible para todos.

El equipo de ZirconTech también se ha centrado en aprovechar los contratos digitales para servicios profesionales en el proceso de pago. El equipo ha discutido la incorporación de contratos digitales en el proceso de pago con instituciones de servicios financieros y nuevas empresas. Un tema clave discutido es cómo aprovechar la tecnología existente y lo que se necesitaría para facilitar el avance en el futuro.

UM - Aplicación de blockchain en los acuerdos legales

Brum Costa Abogados – ZirconTech en la Universidad de Montevideo.

Montevideo, 14 de noviembre de 2019

Brum Costa Abogados y ZiconTech están trabajando conjuntamente explorando cómo los contratos inteligentes pueden modelar distintos escenarios jurídicos y ser implementados rápidamente con plataformas como Monax, modelando procesos de negocio en alto nivel y sin necesidad de escribir código informático de bajo nivel.

Esta alianza está enfocada en aportar soluciones a empresas que gestionan un importante stock de contratos. Permite la administración automatizada de los procesos de cada contrato, desde la etapa precontractual, pasando por la suscripción, los pagos sucesivos e incluso las renovaciones y su archivo. La gestión automatizada permite reducir sustancialmente los recursos utilizados habitualmente en este tipo de procesos.

En una charla organizada por Brum Costa Abogados y ZirconTech, y con el apoyo de la Universidad de Montevideo, expusieron el Ing. Alejandro Narancio con una introducción general a blockchain y contratos inteligentes, y el Dr. Gustavo Gauthier habló de casos de uso de contratos inteligentes. También la Dra. Sofia Milsev abordó los desafíos para la protección de datos y el Ing. Martín Machin presentó algunas implementaciones de acuerdos legales utilizando la plataforma Monax.

Alejandro Narancio realizó una introducción general a blockchain y expuso sobre la plataforma Ethereum y el modelado de contratos inteligentes con Solidity.

Gustavo Gauthier comentó sobre trabajos que se vienen realizando con contratos inteligentes basados en blockchain, y algunos casos de uso en desarrollo en materia laborarl y servicios.

Sofía Milsev abordó el tema de la protección de datos y sus desafíos con el uso de blockchain. Explicó las tensiones actuales, qué hace falta y algunos posibles caminos de solución.

Finalmente Martin Machin presentó la plataforma Monax y la Red de Acuerdos, los cuales están basados en Hyperledger y el proyecto Burrow. Se mostraron algunos casos prácticos de contratos modelados con esta plataforma que se vienen explorando y desarrollando en Argentina, Chile, Colombia y Uruguay.

Event Topics






Venue: Universidad de Montevideo, Facultad de Ingeniería, Montevideo, Uruguay.

Monax Acuerdo de Servicios Profesionales Smart Contracts Legaltech

ZirconTech facilita la contratación digital con la plataforma Monax y la Red de Acuerdos.

Zircon Tech está trabajando con Monax, con sede en el Reino Unido, con el objetivo de incorporar la tecnología blockchain en el sector legal. Como resultado de esta relación, ZirconTech ha podido mostrar cómo se facilita la contratación digital con la plataforma Monax ( y la Red de acuerdos ( Los abogados no necesitan aprender lenguajes de programación como Solidity para ejecutar contratos inteligentes. Con Monax y su herramienta BPM (Business Process Model) se puede ir directamente al negocio para resolver problemas reales. Estamos descubriendo que la ejecución de acuerdos simples de servicios profesionales a través de contratos inteligentes se está convirtiendo en un caso de uso líder para la tecnología blockchain.

Contratos inteligentes y pagos

Un componente interesante de un contrato digital para servicios profesionales es el proceso de pago. Si bien podría implementarse manualmente y agregar el documento de pago a la cadena de bloques, si hablamos de contratos inteligentes que se ejecutan por sí mismos, ¿por qué no ejecutar automáticamente el pago cuando ha llegado el momento de acuerdo con las reglas del contrato? Este tema ha sido un área de trabajo de ZirconTech en varios países y particularmente en Chile. Durante el año hemos estado evaluando con diferentes instituciones de servicios financieros y nuevas empresas, para analizar cómo aprovechar la tecnología existente para implementar estas soluciones y qué se necesitaría para facilitarlo en el futuro. Se están implementando varias pruebas de conceptos.

Bienes Raíces

Los bienes raíces también están despegando. La contratación digital con Monax también es una alternativa para abordar varios procesos y ZirconTech está explorando formas de usar la tecnología. (

Como menciona el CEO de Monax, Casey Kuhlman, “blockchain tiene la capacidad de tomar la secuencia de inversión inmobiliaria y simularla. Esto puede crear una propiedad parcial y aumentar significativamente la liquidez. Blockchain también puede abrir fideicomisos de inversión inmobiliaria (REIT) a una nueva serie de inversores”.

“Por lo general, el sector inmobiliario es una clase de activos que requiere un capital significativo y está dominado por individuos de alto patrimonio. La tokenización permite la reducción en la cantidad de capital que cualquier individuo necesitaría, lo que significa que más personas tendrían la oportunidad de invertir. Esto ayudaría a diversificar las carteras. También ofrecería más liquidez en el ecosistema y la oportunidad de mover activos más fácilmente “

Propiedad intelectual, servicios financieros, contratos de trabajo

La contratación digital es otra área de trabajo en Argentina. ZirconTech ha estado asesorando a abogados sobre las ventajas de trabajar con tecnologías como Monax. De esta manera, se están desarrollando varios casos interesantes con oficinas legales innovadoras, particularmente en la gestión de la propiedad intelectual.

En Colombia se han presentado servicios financieros y soluciones tecnológicas legales a varias compañías de los sectores bancario y legal, y servicios de outsourcing. El Blockchain Center de Colombia está recibiendo mucha tracción y está muy conectado con todas las tecnologías de la 4ta Revolución Industrial.

Por el lado de Uruguay, ZirconTech ha sido pionero en el uso de la tecnología Monax en vivo con funcionalidades de “acuerdos rápidos” para lanzar contratos laborales y de servicio con sus colaboradores. Esta tecnología se ampliará y se está trabajando con un grupo legal local, con abogados especializados para crear contratos más complejos para contratos laborales y servicios profesionales, incluidos los mecanismos de pagos automáticos. Estamos haciendo un esfuerzo conjunto con Monax y el equipo legal ha viajado a Nueva York para reunirse directamente con los desarrolladores de la Red de acuerdos.