12 Best Web3 Podcasts You Should Listen To

12 Best Web3 Podcasts You Should Listen To

12 Best Web3 Podcasts You Should Listen To

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The 12 Best Web3 Podcasts To Follow

The concept of Web3 has been with us for nearly a decade, but it is only now that people across the world are really getting to grips with what it means for the nature of digital interaction.

Gavin Wood, the founder of Ethereum, was the first person to coin the phrase “Web3” to describe the next major stage of innovation in digital technology.

Web3 can be characterized as the era when the web went truly interactive. If Web2 is the label for the generation where you could read and write online, its successor defines a time when an extra dimension of interactivity has been added to the process.

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But where can you find out more about Web3 innovation? How can you keep in touch with the non-stop pace of progress it represents?

ZirconTech provides consultancy services on Web3. This is just one of the many areas of expertise we can deliver as part of our activities as a trusted software development partner of businesses around the world seeking to embrace digital transformation.

Another great way to learn more about Web3 is to listen to a Web3 podcast. In this guide, we will look at the best Web3 podcasts currently available. If you enjoy listening to podcasts, we will try to single out the providers, and the Web3 podcast episodes they produce, that might deliver the most value to you.

Why you should listen to a Web3 podcast

The 12 best web3 podcasts to follow by zircontech

Podcasts have become an incredibly popular way of listening to your favorite content. You can tune in while you are working at home, or while you are driving in your car or traveling to work.

As a result, many people who want to share their expertise on the new age of digital engagement do so by delivering a podcast about Web3.

Their potential market place continues to grow at speed. There are now estimated to be about 2.4 million podcasts in the world, with 66 million episodes available.

By the end of 2022, it was estimated, there were 424 million podcast listeners around the round. About 100 million active podcast listeners are in the United States – about one-third of the nation’s population.

Interestingly, the fastest growing nations when it comes to podcasting – an industry that could be worth $4billion by 2024 – are Chile, Argentina, Peru, and Mexico.

Now let’s look at a dozen of the best Web3 podcasts that are currently available, to help you to narrow down the choice and select the most useful Web3 podcast for you.

Choose a Web3 podcast from this list of a dozen options

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The only way to truly find out which is your favorite Web3 podcast when you are looking to learn more about Web3 innovation is to start listening. You may find what you are looking for on the following list of the best Web3 podcasts.

  1. Bankless

Bankless is a digital platform whose mission is to educate people about all aspects of online innovation. There is a strong focus on the crypto world, and you should find plenty of information here about DeFi and NFTs too.

What makes this one of the best Web3 podcasts is the breadth of subjects addressed on each show. There is a new Web3 podcast every couple of weeks, and the hosts take on a huge range of topics – they will even invite people who are skeptical about the crypto world to join them for discussions.

Be aware that this is a seriously long listen. Every episode lasts at least an hour, most of them take up more than 90 minutes and a few carry on for more than two hours. That is ideal if you have a long drive in the near future.

  1. Hustle and Flowchart

September 2022 saw the last of the 483 episodes of this popular Web3 podcast. Over the previous six years, hosts Joe Fier and Matt Wolfe delved deep into so many subjects relating to Web3 – and all those Web3 podcast episodes are still available to catch online.

Intriguingly, the two hosts have now pivoted and launched Web3 Story Time, which promises to have a stronger emphasis on gaming.

Search through their archive and you will find plenty of Web3 podcast episodes with much to tell you about the state of Web3 innovation.

  1. Web3 Breakdowns

Web3 Breakdowns deserves its place on any list of the best Web3 podcasts for several reasons. It is delivered regularly, once a week, as reliable as clockwork. It covers an enormous range of subjects. And, at between 40 minutes and an hour, it is the ideal length for a Web3 podcast – or, indeed, a program on any subject.

Topics covered in recent months include Web3 loyalty programs, decentralized infrastructure, and investing in NFTs.

It is well worth searching through the back catalog to find the Web3 podcast episodes most appealing to you and the stage you are at in your digital journey.

  1. Web3 Academy

As you would expect with a name like that, the emphasis here is firmly on educating the audience about the possibilities enshrined in Web3 innovation.

You can expect Web3 podcasts with impressive regularity; sometimes three or four Web3 podcast episodes are released in a single week.

There is a nice level of variation between deep dives and rollups that could keep you interested for up to an hour, and bite-sized nuggets that last only a few minutes.

You can expect the focus to switch around the Web3 universe, with episodes dedicated to the crypto world and others looking at NFTs.

  1. Two Bored Apes

Let’s be honest, the name itself is intriguing – and, fortunately, the hosts of Two Bored Apes back up the initial impact of their title with a host of great content.

This is a Web3 podcast devoted entirely to NFTs. The two hosts address a host of topics around the world of the non-fungible token and take an informal but engaging approach.

You can expect a new episode to be released every week or so – and one of the most interesting types of Web3 podcasts they deliver is a Twitter Q&A. Ask a question on Twitter and you might find it answered on the next show.

  1. Web3 Talks

The title may be less inspirational than the one above it on the list – but this is a Web3 podcast with a particularly interesting take on the subject of Web3 innovation.

Host Mac Budkowski talks with a succession of guests who have one thing in common – they are all founders who have launched Web3 projects.

The podcast is building up a comprehensive library of content, with an engaging range of views on Web3 innovation, but all from the perspective of individuals who have taken the bold step to build their own Web3 product. They share their business models, acquisition strategies and technological insights, among many other aspects of their experience.

  1. Untold Stories

Charlie Shrem is an American entrepreneur, a bitcoin advocate, and the host of Untold Stories.

This is a Web3 podcast with a strong focus on the crypto world, as you might expect. But Charlie does more than simply interview his guests about their place in that crypto world; he delves into their personal stories too.

You can expect several episodes each month, all lasting about 45 minutes. As one of the show’s Apple reviewers put it, this show “really brings us something new and helps ensure I can wrap my head around it”.

  1. Building At The Edges

This is the title of the Seed Club DAO podcast – and if you have to be told that DAO stands for Decentralized Autonomous Organization, this may not be the Web3 podcast for you.

Jess Sloss is the instigator of Seed Club and he delivers his Web3 podcast episodes approximately once a week. Each episode is in the form of an interview, and his guests are experts who span the full range of Web3 innovation.

This is a fairly hi-tech view of the crypto world and other areas of Web3, with regular stops at DAOs and NFTs, but it makes a compelling listen for those wanting to know more about Web3.

  1. Welcome to the Metaverse

Not everybody who wants to listen to a podcast about Web3 is an expert in the subject already. That is why some of the best Web3 podcasts are targeted specifically at people who are just beginning to dip their toes in the water of Web3, rather than being fully immersed in NFTs, DeFi and the crypto world already.

Luke Franks, the host, has a clear focus on breaking the subject down clearly so that even novices in Web3 innovation can gain some value from listening to his material.

You have to like a podcast where its regular episodes include titles that start “What is…”, “What are…”, and even “Explain…like I’m five years old!”

  1.  DAOn The Rabbit Hole

The rabbit hole is a commonly used trope in the world of Web3 innovation – possibly harking back to its repeated use in the ultimate virtual reality movie, The Matrix.

This is a Web3 podcast that puts the rabbit hole in its name – we will forgive the poor pun on “down”! Host Anay Sim interviews a range of people with experience in the crypto world to draw out their insights.

The podcast scores extremely highly with reviewers on Apple Podcasts. There were no new episodes between September and December 2022, but it is still well worth trawling through the back catalog to access Web3 podcast episodes packed with insight and value.

  1.  Web3 With a16z

a16z is the trading name of Andreessen Horowitz, an American venture capital company that backs “bold entrepreneurs building the future through technology”.

Its podcast launched as recently as May 2022, but its Web3 podcast episodes are building into a solid library with some great resources for people who want to know more about Web3 innovation.

This Web3 podcast prides itself on exploring a variety of topics and using a broad range of formats to do so. At its heart is a willingness to discuss all areas of the crypto world, including NFTs and DeFi.

  1.  Citizen Cosmos

This Web3 podcast turns a strong focus on the masterminds behind the interchain and blockchain builders. Episodes appear as regular as clockwork, every Thursday, and the usual format is an interview with a senior figure in the digital world.

There is a refreshing enthusiasm about the best Web3 podcasts, and this one definitely displays that.

You will find conversations about DeFi, NFTs, and many other aspects of the crypto world.

As you can see, the selection of Web3 podcast episodes and series is a rich and diverse one. It is incredibly easy to find a Web3 podcast online – and with a little research, you will find the ones with the tone and content that makes them the best Web3 podcasts for you.

How can ZirconTech help you?

The digital evolution from Web2 to Web3 is now well under way and unstoppable. The potential benefits enshrined in Web3 innovation are, by now, clear for all to see.

If you are planning a digital transformation project that promises to have Web3 innovation at its core, you need an experienced software development partner.

ZirconTech is perfectly placed to be that partner. As a knowledgeable provider of digital solutions to a host of satisfied clients, we exist at the cutting edge of innovation and have extensive expertise in projects that live and breathe in the Web3 world. Talk to us today to find out more.