ZirconTech, a year in review of blockchain initiatives.

ZirconTech, a year in review of blockchain initiatives.

Zircon Tech completed another year and we are excited of what 2019 is bringing. 2018 is gone and at this point we are at the end of the first quarter of 2019.

Zircon Tech develops applications by integrating innovative technologies like blockchain, internet of things, big data and artificial intelligence, besides mobile and web development services that always must be part of the projects. Zircon Tech focuses on startups and enterprises, and has made blockchain implementations in several fields including financial services, insurance, legal sector, internet of things, real estate, international trade and logistics.

The blockchain and distributed ledger services are mainly based on Hyperledger, Ethereum, RSK and Corda, while competencies are being developed in other platforms.

As blockchain consultants, Zircon Tech helps organizations to identify the potential of blockchain for themselves. Leveraging a permanent market research, Zircon Tech provides feasibility analysis for initiatives, analysis of relevant blockchain platforms and tools for the business case. From conceptualization to design and development, Zircon Tech can build enterprise applications to help companies to accelerate time to market and maximize the return on the investment.

In 2018 Zircon Tech worked for several months with a US and UK company collaborating with the development of components of an open source project with Hyperledger Burrow for a disruptive global scale initiative in the legal sector. Hyperledger Burrow provides a modular Blockchain client with an interpreter of partially authorized intelligent contracts, developed according to the specification of the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)). Among others, ZirconTech implemented components interacting with Burrow gRPC obtaining blocks, transactions and events generated from intelligent contracts implemented in Solidity, unpacking and decoding them to store in Readable form in SQL tables created on the fly.

In the financial services space applications, Zircon Tech was part of the team that developed an application for global donations. This application seeks to give transparency to donations being able to track them using the potential of blockchain. Zircon Tech was in charge of the development of the frontend and backend, including the communication with the Blockchain API. The back-end was built with Node JS under the infrastructure of AWS and Jenkins CI, while React JS was used for the frontend.

For the insurance sector, ZirconTech developed an end to end solution for cars with the concept of blockchain usage based insurance. There is a high distrust in the insurance industry due to the existing conflict of interests since the profits of the companies increase if less is paid to the users or it is possible to charge them more money. Zircon Tech solution allows, for this particular case, to provide transparency to the scoring calculation that is what defines the value of the policy.

The solution was implemented with Hyperledger Fabric 1.0 as a Blockchain platform and were developed chaincodes for information tracking (to track vehicle information and save it in the blockchain) and Scoring (calculation of scoring based on information received from vehicles).

As part of the project were developed two APIs, three SPAs and one mobile application.

The stack used for the APIs was Java, Spring (spring boot, spring mvc, spring data jpa, spring data cache, spring job), MySQL, Maven. The SPAs were developed in ClojureScript, Reframe, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap. The Mobile App for Android was developed with Java.

Also in the insurance sector applied to the travel industry, ZirconTech developed a project about insurance for flights. This project was developed as proof of concept for an investment group that was trying to enter the business of 100% digital insurance. An existing project was replicated in which, in the case of an event, the insurance payment was made automatically.

The logic of the smart contract (Solidity, Ethereum) is as follows, the user transfers the payment of the policy (in virtual currency) to a specific wallet. The insurer transfers the value of the payment (in virtual currency as well) in case the event is confirmed (the event refers to a delay or cancellation of a flight). The state is verified and according to the event that the money is transferred to the insurer or the user. A public access API with flight information was used as an oracle. For this project, a smart contract was developed using Solidity and an API using Java.

In the area of international trade, Zircon ech helped a foreign trade company needing to track the changes in its documentation over time and ensuring tamper proof and no possibility of modifying the information of the same. Zircon Tech proposed to identify the documents through hashes (SHA256) and then leave the same “notarized” in the Ethereum blockchain using a document ID and the mentioned hash. Each change in the document is registered using the corresponding ID and hash update. For this project a smart contract was developed using Solidity and an API using Node JS.

In 2019 we are extending our presence in Latin America mainly in Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Uruguay, and strengthening our activities in North America, with lot of focus in Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco.