ZirconTech Appoints Andres Zunino As Chief Executive Officer

ZirconTech Appoints Andres Zunino As Chief Executive Officer

In a post pandemic world with hybrid work environments, ZirconTech aims to consolidate the global expansion delivering nearshore solutions and services in blockchain technologies and integrating cloud computing, DevOps, data science and artificial intelligence.


New York, Buenos Aires, Santiago, Montevideo, September 27th, 2021. The Board of ZirconTech is pleased to announce today that Andres Zunino has been appointed CEO of the company. An experienced business leader, who will lead the company strategy and growth, in order to consolidate the global expansion and assume responsibilities on October 1st.

With a background in Civil Engineering and Business Administration, Andres has developed a career initially in infrastructure companies and then in the telecommunications company Ericsson in the operations in Latin America, where he oversaw the operations in several countries. Andres started investing in several startups in 2015 with interest in emerging technologies, and in 2016 co-founded ZirconTech in the blockchain space with the domain expert Alejandro Narancio, CEO of Infuy. Andres completed an MBA in IEEM (University of Montevideo) and has extensive experience in telecommunications, mobile networks deployment and operations, large project implementations and financial planning. Andres has been involved in Ericsson operations in Latin America working with the most important telecommunications operators in Argentina, Chile, Peru, Colombia and Uruguay.
So far he has been leading the management of the operations while Alejandro Narancio advised and guided the team from a technical point of view. In this journey, with central offices in Buenos Aires and Montevideo, ZirconTech grew and expanded customers to Chile, Ecuador, Colombia, Unites States, Canada, United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Singapore and New Zealand, among others.


Andres Zunino CEO ZirconTech

Andres Zunino – CEO ZirconTech


In 2016 Andres and Alejandro founded the first professional services company focused on blockchain in Uruguay. Pioneering in the technology and with the support of ANII (National Agency for Innovation and Research of Uruguay), ZirconTech implemented a blockchain usage based insurance solution which in 2017 was shortlisted in the top ten applications in the Swiss Blockchain Competition organized by the Crypto Valley Venture Capital (CV VC).


While developing multiple blockchain projects involving different technologies, ZirconTech has been a pioneer in legal tech and a key partner of Monax, a UK and global leader in digital contracting using smart contracts; has developed a blockchain based notarization tool for many use cases and partnered with key blockchain platforms among other initiatives.


As part of this new organization restructure, Alejandro Narancio will serve in ZirconTech’s board as technology advisor while he continues leading the specialized nearshore company Infuy as Chief Executive Officer. Alejandro is a thought leader in blockchain technologies, international speaker, university professor, RSK Rootstock ambassador and RIF product owner. Before co-founding Infuy, Alejandro worked for Tata Consultancy Services for several United States financial services companies, spending extensive time at onsite operations in Minneapolis, Miami, Los Angeles and New York City.


Martin Machin, who had joined ZirconTech as board member by mid 2019, will focus his role on digital innovation, data science and artificial intelligence services. Martin is a mentor, investor and advisor to companies in information and emerging technologies, and previously was managing partner in Pyxis, the fastest growth IT company in Uruguay in the last decade, expanding to Latin America and North America. Before that, Martin led the Global Delivery Center of Tata Consultancy Services in Montevideo and was Head of the Banking, Financial Services and Insurance Area of the operation. He also worked at IBM, Conaprole, and Banco Comercial which was later acquired by Scotiabank, and was Artificial Intelligence professor in the Universidad Catolica del Uruguay.


Martin Liguori, Co-Founder of Infuy, has been working in ZirconTech supporting the service delivery and now will be promoted as Chief Operating Officer. Before co-founding Infuy, Martin worked in Tata Consultany Services delivering services to global customers. He has extensive experience in web application development and cloud infrastructure in mission critical operations.


Williams Olivera, a senior software and solution architect who has been leading several global projects in ZirconTech has been promoted to Chief Technology Officer and will guide the technology strategy. He has been involved in key global projects in ZirconTech and has performed a key role in the competency development in different blockchain technologies like the evolution of Ethereum into Quorum, Hyperledger, Hedera/Hashgraph, R3 Corda, etc. He was one of the first R3 Corda Certified Developers in Latin America. Williams is a Computer Science engineer who previously worked in the leading IT company from Uruguay Codigo del Sur.